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Health & Safety

At BowdenCorp, the safety of all who work in or visit our offices and worksites is of the utmost priority.

Our ISO Accredited Management System is our framework that ensures health, safety, environment and quality is delivered through all our projects.

We’re committed, as far as practicable, to provide a work environment that safeguards the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, and members of the public.

OH&S PolicyOH&S Policy

To ensure safety in our offices and worksites, all our business activities are guided by a strict OH&S policy.

At BowdenCorp we're committed to ensuring the safety of all who visit our offices and worksites.

Our OH&S policy defines the obligations of our staff and contractors, and our integrated management system outlines the steps BowdenCorp is taking to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

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OH&S TrainingOH&S Training

BowdenCorp is committed to providing consistent training and assessment to ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities, and made accountable for any breaches in OH&S protocols.

All employees will be offered training and our OH&S Manager will provide ongoing support to employees, subcontractors and any other stakeholder attending one of our sites when required.

We also conduct regular discussions to ensure that any health and safety issues are identified, reviewed, and resolved promptly.

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Culture of SafetyCulture of Safety

BowdenCorp will always provide the equipment, clothing, and facilities that are essential to carrying out work in a safe and healthy manner.

A commitment to safety is built into BowdenCorp's culture, recognising that this commitment needs to be promoted throughout the entire organisation and not just confined to either a bottom-up or top-down approach.

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Regular ReviewRegular Review

To ensure the health and safety of all workers and visitors, BowdenCorp is committed to assessing and resolving workplace health and safety issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

BowdenCorp believes in taking a positive and proactive approach to occupational health and safety, which is why we assess all risks before work can start on new areas of operations, such as working with new equipment.

We’re committed to removing any unacceptable risks to the safety of our employees and clients, while closely monitoring and managing unavoidable risks in the workplace. 

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